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Welcome to the Poofy Party!!:)

Hello! After years of researching safe ingredients of personal care products, I kept coming back to Poofy Organics again and again for their ethics, transparency, quality, purity, safety, effectiveness, value, and selection. Now, they are my one stop shop (for literally EVERYTHING-they have over 500 products to choose from!) I trust what they are doing for so many reasons, one being that Poofy Organics is a USDA Organic Certified Company (this is key because when they say organic, they can prove it with their 3rd party documentation!!) They are family-owned making all of their own products by hand (no factories) and dedicated to making the best and safest products out there on the market (with no sales quotas, crazy markups, etc...). If you are looking for truly SAFE hair care, body care, skin care, makeup, remedies, home care, nail polish, etc., you are in the right place:) Let me know if I can answer any questions:) Blessings on your health journey!!

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